Your Day (my story about the siege) (posting attempt 2)


This is something I wrote at regarding the Sydney Siege. Helps me process it to write about it all.


It’s dark. Your room is quiet, the door slightly askew.

You don’t need an alarm to wake you. You’re excited for this today. Today is your day. It’s been a long wait. Wondering if it would actually arrive. You pull back the covers and the morning air rushes in around. It’s lucky your slippers are lying under your bed, you put them on.

You leave the room and hope someone else is up. Today is your day. They should be excited too. You hear the television morning show and know someone is up.

Into the kitchen, there is Mum, pouring out cereal, your favourite. The cereal you have every time on this special day. Your day. You hear Dad, he’s putting on his tie when he walks out. You run to him, hug and kiss him.

You all sit at the table, Mum pulls out a parcel. This is what you’ve been waiting for. The excitement builds as you unwrap this parcel. It’s a frame, you see yourself smiling back. You have that floppy hat Dad makes you wear to keep the sun off. There’s Mum and Dad too, with their arms around you, laughing at something, maybe the photographer.

You run to put it next to your bed, your slippers make you slide on the floorboards. You slide along the last metre or so as you run back out to the kitchen. There. On top of the table is the biggest box you can imagine. You see movement. A little worried, you approach the box. You look at Dad, then over to Mum who encourages you, holds your hand while you climb up onto a stool to take a peek inside.

A tongue greets your hand. More movement. A hairy bundle greets your second attempt to touch what is inside. A puppy. A new friend. An adventure buddy. ‘Smith’. Today is your day. Ten years old has never seemed so promising.

Ten Years Later

It’s dark. Your room is quiet, the door is slightly askew. You need an alarm to wake you. It’s time to get up for work. Smith is at the end of your bed, he isn’t feeling well. You put him outside while you get ready for work, the train arrives soon. Today is your day. The big day you’ve been waiting for. The board of the company you work for is looking for a new senior consultant. You’re young compared to the others but confident, with nothing to lose.

The train rattles. The early morning commute seems like any other day. You have music playing through headphones, an artist you don’t recognise. You get eye contact with someone across the carriage. You give a slight nod and smile to acknowledge how tough the early morning commute into the city is. That’s life though. Just enjoy it, your parents tell you.

Your desk has that frame from the birthday you remember. You smile at the memory. The innocence of a child who was finally double digits. It’s time to get a coffee before your big meeting. You see the person you acknowledged on the train. She walks past you, into the café. You get caught by someone who wants donations to save the world. You get a five dollar note and place it in the bucket. It’s 9:40am. You walk up to the café. The door is locked. Strange.

There she is. The lady you acknowledged on the train. Though, she isn’t smiling anymore. Her eyes flit nervously from you to a man inside and back to you. You try to pull the door open. Locked. You take a step back. Instincts kicking in. You look at the man, he’s sweating. Anxious, nervous. Like you. You see something on his shoulder. No. It can’t be. A gun. You turn and make a call. It’s 10am.

Your office is evacuating. Getting to safety from an unknown danger. You told the police all you could. Everything you saw. Except the fear in her eyes. There were no words for that. You keep that a secret, suppress the memory. For now anyway. It’s midday. Lunchtime. No big meeting, no new opportunities. You check your phone. Smith’s fluffy face smiles back. That innocence again. It’s bugging you. The easy lie of innocence. It was with you at 10 years old. Now, it seems to have struck again. These things don’t happen here. To your city. Your country. These events happen half way around the world. You take to Twitter. Tweet that you are safe. Today is your day.

Her eyes are inside your head again. The fear. She had a coffee in her hand. Just like you would have. That donation. Which charity was it? You struggle to remember. It doesn’t matter. The television coverage is terrifying. The unknown unfolding events inside. You’re sent home. It’s 1:30pm.

Smith. The light of your life so to speak. He greets you. His tail wagging, tongue ready to greet you. Just like that first day. This is different though. Your heart is heavy. Your city, your country, has stopped. Watching that café. That gun. That look. That memory. The memory of what you knew before today. The time when your world changed. But for you, you just know, today is your day.


Movie Review: Dracula Untold

Movie Review




Facing threats to his kingdom and his family, Vlad Tepes looks to make a deal with dangerous supernatural forces – without succumbing to the darkness himself.’ (IMDB).

Rating: 5/5 5star

Director: Gary Shore (IMDB)

Genre: Action/Drama/Fantasy (a little romance but it wasn’t the main focus)

General Thoughts: This movie takes my number one spot for top movie for 2014 and it’ll take a QUITE a movie to beat it out of this place. I went into this movie with no real expectations, just another Dracula movie. I had seen Luke Evans (Vlad) in several other productions and liked him in those but nothing could prepare me for his acting and character adaptation in this movie.

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(N.B: I have not read Dracula and only know general history of the Dracula tale)

I found this movie gripping from the opening scene, the narration was intriguing and the progression seemed very organic into the story of Vlad. The history and throwback scenes of how ‘Master Vampire’ (Charles Dance) began and the struggle he faced inside his cave in the darkness and the challenges he faces with mortality etc was really compelling.


I also loved (is there a stronger word than ‘love’?) how these challenges were passed through to Vlad, who had to decide his fate (so to speak). Besides the vampire plot, I found the battle scenes/storyline explained well and the throwback to certain aspects of the history were necessary for the story progression.

Overall Thoughts:  Loved it! Will buy the BluRay when it is out, want to watch it again right now! The closing scene however left me a bit ‘What?’.. If you’ve scene (see what I did there?) it you will/might understand what I”m saying. I guess it was a little open ended for me unless they are planning a second movie. It has made me more interested in reading ‘Dracula’ – Bram Stoker just to see what it is like compared to the all of the TV/movie adaptations.

Definitely go and see it, tell your friends about it!








The Silkworm, Robert Galbraith [Book Review]

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The Silkworm, Robert Galbraith  


Pages: 455

Published: 2014

My Rating:

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This is the second book in J.K. Rowling’s (pseudonym: Robert Galbraith) adult crime book series. Following book one (The Cuckoo’s Calling) this story follows our protagonist, Cormoran, and his assistant, Robin, on another quest to prove the innocence of a client.

This book picks up 8 months after the case in ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ and begins to dive into a whole new cast of characters, plots and mystery almost straight away.

The story, based around a publishing house, authors and a rogue manuscript drawing inspiration from real characters which shone light on all of the characters in negative ways, felt like I was getting a look into the crazy world of publishing (however close or far it is from the truth).

It was fun to hate the characters, judge them and come out at the end of the book feeling sympathetic to their story.

I found the characters believable, their story lines realistic and the dialogue between them all very life like. Again, it isn’t until the last few chapters that it is revealed who the protagonist believes is responsible and the story works backwards. This reconstruction is at times, complex to follow and a little disorientating.

I know it was in the last 3 chapters where I caught up to the ‘wow’ moment and the twist was made clear at least to me.

I would highly recommend this book as I was always wanting to read on late nights were common and kept me intrigued.

Happy reading!

Movie Review: The Maze Runner


The Maze Runner  (Director: Wes Ball)

(Originally James Dashner book)

“Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they’re all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow “runners” for a shot at escape” (IMDB blurb).

I went into the movie not knowing anything about it as I always try to read the book before I go and see the movie so I can use the literature to make an opinion/review after the movie. However, the decision to go and watch it was last minute and didn’t leave me with enough time to read the book and I think that helped me enjoy the movie a lot more. I was drawn in immediately, I had so many questions which were not really answered until the end (some yet to be answered).

It would make it a better review if I had read the book so I could say whether the casting was close to the characters in the book but alas I have not. My own feelings towards Kaya Scodelario who played Teresa, didn’t fit well for me. As an actor she hasn’t convinced me in anything I’ve watched her in so I had trouble connecting to her/Teresa. Next up, Thomas ( Dylan O’Brien), I really enjoyed his acting and made me more interested in the story and how Thomas was going to save the day, so to speak.

Throughout the movie I was constantly thinking ‘Who is W.C.K.D?’. The characters actions, regardless of which ones, did make some odd decisions, say things that seemed to be ‘off’ for their character. I know the movie veered from the book towards the end (based on rants I’ve seen of avid Maze Runner readers) so it’ll be interesting to see the differences.

The movie has left me wanting to start reading the books which is very rare for me as usually I won’t pick the book up once characters have been assigned ‘faces’ if that makes sense.

Rating: Based purely on the movie adaptation of ‘The Maze Runner’ I would give it a solid 3.5/5.





Today I went (accompanied with my main man) to a winery for the second time. This time, as I was sitting in the sun, just enjoying the day, I realised just how much had changed since I had last visited.

The first time I went for my Hens, the week before my wedding. I remember the discussion I had with those I went with. The nerves, excitement and the anxiety that naturally comes with weddings. What will go wrong? constantly streaming through my mind. After eighteen months of planning, it was so close, yet seven days away.

I remember the day we visited the winery, it was raining, cold and gloomy. Walking inside to the heated building, surrounded by my best friends and celebrating my last weekend as an unmarried woman.

Today, I went with my husband. The day was beautiful and I wasn’t nervous or anxious about anything (cue university work). We talked about all sorts of things, sat in comfortable silence and enjoyed the time together, just being.

What stood out to me as I was sitting there in the sun, was how perfect the weather represented my head space, on both occasions. I don’t know why I even took note but I love losing myself in thoughts that lead to funny little coincidences like that.